Green Features

Low VOC Paint:

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are unstable carbon-containing compounds, that when they react with the air, produce pollutants and health risks. Paints are the second largest source of VOC emissions in the atmosphere after automobiles. Paints manufactured with low or no amounts of VOC’s can reduce air pollutants and health risks.

Recyclable Carpet:

Approximately five billion pounds of carpet gets discarded annually in the United States alone. Recycled carpet uses the recycled textile fabric from old carpet in the new manufacturing process. Recycled carpet is safe for your home, environmentally friendly, and is generally more stain resilient and last longer than non-recycled synthetic fabrics.

95% Energy-Efficient Furnace:

All Healthy Homes houses are equipped with 95% energy efficient furnaces and programmable thermostats. These furnaces have the ability to recapture heat that is wasted in traditional furnaces through a process called “condensing”. In climates such as Central Ohio that historically have severe winters, these types of heating units provide energy cost savings.